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We integrate geographical and descriptive information with a territorial vision to optimize and simplify the planning, execution and monitoring of our clients' activities, both in the public sector at the municipal, regional, national level, and in the private sector with companies and organizations. who work in the field of natural resources, energy, infrastructure, commerce and distribution, public services, security and many more.

Affordable Survey-Grade GNSS Receiver offering RTK Precision

The Arrow Gold+™ is the first high-accuracy Bluetooth® GNSS receiver on the market to implement all four global GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou), all available frequencies, and satellite-based RTK augmentation on any iOS®, Android™, and Windows® devices. Moreover, this GNSS receiver has full-band support for all GNSS signals including Galileo High-Accuracy Service (HAS). Both the Arrow Gold+™ and its predecessor model, the Arrow Gold®, work with all off-the-shelf mobile apps.


Accurate, Productive, Flexible

Survey-Grade GNSS Receiver

The Arrow Gold+ GNSS receiver provides survey-grade accuracy from a variety of differential correction sources, including RTK networks and base stations, Galileo HAS, and Atlas® satellite service.

Productive Positioning

The Arrow Gold+ is our most efficient GNSS receiver, supporting all global and regional GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, IRNSS (excluding S-Band)), all available GNSS frequencies and 800+ channels for maximum field productivity.

Completely Flexible

Both the Arrow Gold+ and Arrow Gold are agnostic, hence compatible with all consumer mobile devices and any third-party data collection apps.

What Accuracy and Flexibility look like with the Arrow Gold®


1 cm accuracy with RTK

10-15 cm accuracy with Galileo HAS

4 cm accuracy worldwide w/ Atlas® subscription

Retain RTK in poor cell areas with SafeRTK®

Access all GNSS constellations and signals

Easily integrate with any mobile app

Compatible with all mobile devices


What is SafeRTK®?

There is nothing more frustrating than losing RTK network connection while working in areas with spotty cell coverage. SafeRTK® is the answer. SafeRTK® is a proprietary feature included exclusively with the Arrow Gold+ and Arrow Gold receivers. It uses the Atlas® differential corrections signals in the background while using RTK corrections. When cellular connection to your RTK network drops, SafeRTK takes over within a few seconds and allows you to maintain RTK-level accuracy. With the Arrow Gold+ and Arrow Gold, this accuracy will be retained until you are able to reconnect to your differential correction source. This enables uninterrupted RTK accuracy in spotty areas.

Como usar el receptor Arrow Gold®GNSS?

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