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GNSS equipment

Precision in topography, cartography and mapping work with precision of 1cm connected to a permanent tracking base antenna. Using a subscription to the ATLAS correction service you get an accuracy of 10 cm without having to be connected to a base antenna.

If you're looking for reliable, repeatable, real-time GNSS locations in your mobile workflow, you're in the right place. Eos Positioning Systems designs and manufactures professional, affordable GNSS receivers that deliver submeter to centimeter level accuracy to any iOS, Android or Windows mobile device. Our Arrow Series® GNSS receivers can provide these submeter GPS and RTK GNSS locations to any data collection application on the market. If you are looking for an accurate and affordable GNSS receiver, we recommend that you browse our website and contact us today.


Equipment sold in Peru

Arrow GNSS-GPS equipment manufactured in Canada by the Eos Positioning Systems company is ideal for your high-precision positioning needs, cartographic work, asset inventories, properties, cadastres. Arrow GNSS-GPS devices are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and geographic information systems.


Arrow 100

Receptor GNSS submétrico de frecuencia única


Arrow Gold

Receptor GNSS RTK de triple frecuencia


Arrow Base Antenna

What Accuracy and Flexibility look like with the Arrow Gold®


1 cm accuracy with RTK

10-15 cm accuracy with Galileo HAS

4 cm accuracy worldwide w/ Atlas® subscription

Retain RTK in poor cell areas with SafeRTK®

Access all GNSS constellations and signals

Easily integrate with any mobile app

Compatible with all mobile devices

Como usar el receptor Arrow Gold®GNSS?

Image by José Martín Ramírez Carrasco

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