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Interview in Peru21

Date: June 2023

Our executive director, Manuel Delfín, provided information about mapping in Peru for World Cycle Day.


On June 24, 2021, the Arrow GNSS Solutions meeting was held in Peru

As a follow-up to the workshop High-precision data collection with ArcGIS Survey123 and an Arrow GNSS receiver, the first workshop organized by Eos Positioning Systems in Spanish, Smart Group Perú convened an Arrow GNSS Solutions Meeting, aimed at the national public.


Interview with client

Date: June 2021

Click on this text and discover how our client Ronald Stith Lopez of ConHydra increased field efficiency using Arrow Gold #GNSS with #ArcGIS Collector!


Earth observation and satellite images for all needs

Date: February 2021

Thanks to our alliance with Effigis and Head Aerospace, we have expanded our capacity to offer Earth observation solutions based on satellite images, with the incorporation of 40 new satellites (60 by the end of 2021).


Earth observation and satellite images for all needs

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